Student Ambassadors Teach R-Factor

Student Ambassadors Teach R-Factor
Posted on 12/15/2019

PLMS Student Ambassadors in the 7th and 8th grade took over social studies classes on Friday, December 13th to train their peers in The R-Factor. Ambassadors were chosen by teachers last year. These students were themselves trained by Focus3 with intent to then lead the rollout to the remaining student body. 

The R-Factor is a system for elite behavior developed by Tim Kight at Focus3. It focuses on principles that guide decision making and being the best version of yourself. A major emphasis of this system is E+R=O. Event + Response = Outcome. The OUTCOME I get is determined by the RESPONSE chosen. Ambassadors taught this AND other features of R-Factor such as management of one's 20 square feet and no BCD (blame, complain, defend). The students were well prepared and did a fantastic job. 

Check out the photo gallery below.